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Adjustment, Inflation
Adjustment, Seasonal
Affirmative Action/EEO Statistical Data
Agriculture Study
American Community Survey (ACS)
American Community Survey, Census
American FactFinder, Census 2000
American FactFinder, Census 2010
Analysis, Current Employment Statistics (CES)
Average Annual Pay
Average Hourly Earnings
Average Wages, NH and Regions (OES)
Average Wages, States Other than NH
Average Wages, U.S.
Average Weekly Earnings
Average Weekly Wage


Benchmark - LAUS
Benefits Survey
Building permits Adobe Acrobat file


Career Information
Census Bureau
Census Data
Census of Employment and Wages, Quarterly (QCEW)
Certified Occupations
CES Analysis
City/Town Profiles
Civilian labor Force (LAUS)
Childcare Study
Community Profiles
Consumer Price Index
Contact Us
Coös County Perspectives (publications)
County-to-County Worker Flow, Census 2000
County EEO Data
County Projections
Covered Employment and Wages (QCEW)
Current Employment Statistics (CES)
Current Population Survey


Decennial Census


Earnings, Average Weekly
Economic Analysis Report
Economic and Social Indicators

Economic Conditions
Economic Impact Studies
Educational Attainment (Vital Signs. Education)
EEO Statistical Data/Affirmative Action
Eldercare Study
Eligible Training Providers
Employee Benefits
Employment (Insured) and Wages by Industry
Employment (Nonfarm) by Industry (CES)
Employment and Earnings
Employment and Wages (QCEW)
Employment of Residents (LAUS)
Employment of Residents (LAUS): US DOL, BLS
Employment Projections
Employment Projections by Industry and Occupation
Equal Employment Opportunity Analysis Data (EEO)


Firms by Size
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Geographic Areas
Goods-Producing Industries
Green Economy
Green Jobs


High Technology Industry Employment
Hospitals Study
Hours at Work


Income: Bureau of Economic Analysis
Income: Census Bureau
Income: Personal Income, BEA
Inflation Calculator, BLS


Job Locator
Job Match
Job Notes
Job Statistics
Journey to Work, Census 2000

Labor Force Statistics
Labor Force: Current and Historical Data
Labor Market Areas
Labor Surplus Areas (LSA)
Land Area
Licensed and Certified Occupations
Licensed Occupations
Licensed, Certified, and Registered Occupations in NH
LMI Improvement Grant
LMI Tools for Business
Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS)
Looking Forward

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Median Family Income
Median Household Income
Metropolitan and Micropolitan Areas
Metropolitan Areas
Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Micropolitan Statistical Areas
Minimum Wage


NECTA (New England City and Town Area)
NHCRN: NH Career Resource Network
Nonfarm Employment
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)


Occupational Classification
Occupational Employment Statistics and Wages (OES)
Occupational Information Network (O*NET)
Occupational Projections: for NH
Occupational Projections: for US and States
Occupational Statistics
Occupations Requiring a License in NH

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Performance Assessment and Customer Information Agency (PACIA)
Per Capita Income
Personal Income
Population Density
Population Estimates
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Study
Poverty: Census Bureau
Press Release Dates
Press Release, employment and unemployment rate data
Product Guide
Projections, Employment
Projections, Industry
Projections, Occupational


Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages (QCEW/ES-202)

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Race Statistics - see Affirmative Action
Registered Occupations
Resources, Career
Retirement Study


Seasonal Adjustment
Shipyard Study
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)
Standard Industrial Classification System (SIC) Codes
Standard Occupational Classification
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC)
State and Area Employment (790 Survey)
Statistical Programs
Summary of the NH Economy

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Travel to Work
Trust Fund (Unemployment Compensation Fund)


UI Claims
Unemployment and Unemployment Rates: NH and Substate Areas
Unemployment and Unemployment Rates: U.S. and States
Unemployment Statistics, State and Area
Unemployment Claims
Unemployment Compensation Fund (UI Trust Fund)
Unemployment Insurance (UI) History
User's Guide to LMI


Vital Signs


Wages by Metropolitan Area
Wages by Occupation
Wages, by Industry
Wages, by Occupation
Weekly Earnings, Usual
What if the Shipyard Closed?

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