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Economic Analysis Report

Economic Analysis Report 2023 Cover

Economic Analysis Report - 2023

This report reviews New Hampshire’s labor market recovery and expansion from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic through June 2023. Included are changes to New Hampshire’s industries, the labor force participation of residents and the impact of remote work on workforce data series.

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economic analysis

The Great Resignation - Assessing Changing Labor Markets - 2022

As New Hampshire's labor market continues to recover, this report examines the fallout of the pandemic and includes an assessment of the drivers behind the "Great Resignation." Also, a demographic analysis illustrates how major shifts in employment by gender and age occurred during the pandemic.


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2021 Economic Analysis Report Reviving New Hampshire Workforce – 2021

This report evaluates the status of New Hampshire’s labor market – more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. New Hampshire’s unemployment rate returned quickly to a pre-pandemic level, reflecting a tight labor market, in part due to a lower labor participation rate. Demographic aspects such gender and age were assessed to show the changing nature of New Hampshire’s workforce as the economy emerges from the pandemic recession.

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Economic Analysis Report 2020 New Hampshire Economic Analysis - 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on New Hampshire’s labor market has been immense. Initially, the closure of non-essential businesses in spring of 2020 shot unemployment claims up to an unprecedented level. As businesses were allowed to re-open their doors, employment started to recover, yet obstacles were still in place, limiting the ability of some workers to return to the labor force.

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New Hampshire 2018 Workforce Analysis– In Review – COVER New Hampshire 2018 Workforce Analysis - In Review -

New Hampshire is currently facing a labor shortage — a drastic change from ten years ago. The focus of this report is to evaluate what additional sources of labor supply could potentially be available. This report evaluates the demographic makeup of both those in the labor force and those not in the labor force.

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EC analysis cover

New Hampshire’s Labor Market in Review -2017 Economic Analysis Report

The unemployment rate in New Hampshire has been under 3.0 percent for an extended period of time and the New Hampshire job growth continues to grow. In this current labor market, with labor force growing slower than job growth, it becomes difficult to hire new workers. This report includes an analysis of the potential labor market slack, such as part-time employment and persons not in the labor force.

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2015 Perspective of New Hampshire’s Future Labor Market

2015 in Review: A Perspective of New Hampshire’s Future Labor Market

Current conditions of New Hampshire’s labor market and migration patterns over the last decade are examined. The report also analyzes newly released employment projections for 2014-2024 from a broader perspective, comparing the relationship between educational attainment requirements and openings available.

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2014 in Review: Recovery

2014 In Review: Recovery

An analysis of New Hampshire’s post-recession economy, the report reviews a variety of economic indicators, and evaluates what has changed between 2007 and 2014. In addition, the report examines two continuing employment issues: long-term unemployment and the skills gap

February 2015 pdf file

Economic Analysis Report

Measuring New Hampshire’s Economic Health: A Workforce Perspective

The recent recession impacted the nation across every economic measure and recovery has been slow. How was New Hampshire’s workforce affected? What is the employment status of the populace now? This report examines various segments of the workforce, how workers are faring in the shadow of the recession, and looks at future prospects for New Hampshire workers.

August 2013 pdf file

Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery, New Hampshire's Economy 2010

June 2010 pdf file (3,978k)

Where Are We Now?

Where Are We Now? New Hampshire's Economy in 2009

June 2009 pdf file (1,834k)

Economic Analysis Report 2008

New Hampshire Economic Analysis Report 2008

June 2008 pdf file (846k)

Looking Forward

Looking Forward: Preparing for the future New Hampshire economy

November 2006 pdf file (2,922)



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