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EMT Recruitment and Retention Program

In order to help recruit and retain more people into the emergency medical services field in New Hampshire, the state has created a program that pays for training costs to become certified and licensed as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) as well as an Advanced EMT. The program also provides wage incentives to hiring employers and pays a $1,000 retention bonus to any individual newly licensed as an EMT that continues in that role in NH for 6 months following licensure.


  • The program provides reimbursement for 100% of the costs associated with training, certification and licensure to become a New Hampshire EMT or Advanced EMT regardless of whether the costs are paid by the prospective EMT, A-EMT or the licensed EMS Unit.
  • WHAT: The program provides reimbursement for 100% of the costs associated with training, certification, and licensure for becoming certified and licensed as either an EMT or an Advanced EMT in New Hampshire.
  • WHO: The EMT or Advanced EMT must be affiliated with a New Hampshire Emergency Medical Service (EMS) unit licensed by the NH Department of Safety.
  • WHEN: Once training is completed, if enrolled on or after November 22, 2022, the NH EMS Unit with whom you are affiliated must then seek reimbursement by filling out the application found below and submitting the application along with proof of payment. Once received by the EMS Unit, the reimbursement can then be apportioned between the EMT, A-EMT or EMS Unit however the costs were originally paid. You can also wait until the license is fully obtained and submit the request for reimbursement for licensing and testing fees as well.


  • The program will also pay any newly licensed EMT $1,000 as an EMT RETENTION INCENTIVE after successfully obtaining your EMT Provider License and being affiliated with a NH licensed EMS unit or units for six (6) months.
  • WHAT: $1,000 payment for new EMTs after being affiliated with a NH licensed EMS Unit or Units for 6 months after licensure.
  • WHO: Individuals who enrolled in training on or after November 22, 2022 and then received their NH EMT License. AEMT trainings are not eligible for the Retention Incentive.
  • WHEN: After 6 months of affiliation with a NH licensed EMS unit or Units, the affiliated EMS Unit would submit the application found below.


  • The program also provides NH licensed EMS units that hire individuals enrolled in EMT training with reimbursement of 50% of wages paid during the training period, not to exceed 4 weeks or $2,000, whichever comes first. If you are considering entering into the emergency medical service field and are looking to be hired during training, this could be a great piece of information to present to a prospective employer to try and convince them to hire you while enrolled in training.
  • WHO: EMS units who are licensed with the NH DOS and have current W-2 employees attending EMT training. Trainings/Instructor Coordinators must be licensed with the NH DOS. AEMT trainings are not eligible for the OJT.
  • WHAT: 50% of wages paid while the employee is in training. Up to 4 weeks or $2,000. Paystubs must be submitted with an invoice and evaluation to be reimbursed.
  • WHEN: Once the specified training period is completed, and a paystub(s) is provided, the wage reimbursement can be paid.

Learn more about obtaining your EMT license in NH here: https://nhfa-ems.com/

Learn more about job opportunities available here in New Hampshire: https://nhfa-ems.com/careers/

Are you a NH licensed EMS Unit looking for help recruiting candidates? Interested employers can apply by filling out the WorkInvest EMT Application Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Approved employers can then submit for the above described incentive payments by filling out the below applications and emailing them to the department.

WorkInvest EMT Application Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
EMT OJT Contract Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
EMT Trainee OJT Wage Reimbursement Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
EMT Trainee OJT Evaluation Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
EMT Retention Payment Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
EMT Training Reimbursement Employer Request Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol


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