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Weekly Benefit Amounts

The WorkShare benefit has a specific calculation to determine how much a person will be eligible to receive in unemployment benefits. The calculation is the person's regular weekly unemployment benefit amount multiplied by the percentage reduction in the individual's weekly hours of work. For example if the weekly benefit amount is $427 and the individual has a 40% reduction in their weekly hours of work then the amount they would be eligible for is $171. ($427 * 40% = $171)

The employer will submit a continued claim for each week that the individual participates in WorkShare. It is important that the employer submit the continued claim timely or benefits for the week may be denied. For unemployment compensation purposes the week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. To be timely the continued claim must be filed within 7 days of the Saturday ending date.

If the employee has additional wages earned from a non-WorkShare employer(s) within a week they must be reported on the continued claim. Employees are responsible for informing their WorkShare employer about any gross wages earned during the week claimed. Gross wages must be reported when earned, not received. Gross wages are determined by multiplying the hours worked times the rate of pay. Timely reporting is required to prevent overpayment.

The non-WorkShare wages are considered when determining how much unemployment compensation is paid for the week. The WorkShare benefit amount shall be reduced dollar for dollar when the amount received from the non-WorkShare employer exceeds $128.

For example, if the employee works for a non-WorkShare employer and earns $45.00, they could still be eligible for $171.00 since the $45.00 is less than $128 in addition to the wages earned from the employer for hours worked.

If the employee works for a non-WorkShare employer and earns $150.00, the amount of benefits would be reduced by the amount exceeding $128 ($150-$128=22; $171-$22=$149).

Additional amounts under a Federal Assistance Compensation program may be payable when that program is in effect.

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