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For Immediate Release
June 6, 2009

Tara G. Reardon, Commissioner
NH Employment Security
(603) 228-4000

New Hampshire to Assist Jobless Workers with an additional 13-Week Extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Benefits

CONCORD - The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), signed by President Obama in February 2009, extended the existing Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program. Under the prior program, New Hampshire qualified for a basic 20 weeks of EUC, which is referred to as "Tier I" EUC. New Hampshire recently triggered onto another 13-Week Extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Benefits known as "Tier II" EUC due to a high period of unemployment.

"Tier II" EUC was triggered when New Hampshire's Insured Unemployment Rate (IUR) exceeded 4.0%. Tier II EUC became effective the week beginning May 3, 2009, which means that anyone who has exhausted their "Tier I" EUC benefits can apply for the new extension effective immediately.

This new extension is positive news for the jobless workers in New Hampshire that have been struggling with the loss of employment during these tough economic times. Anyone filing a new or continued EUC claim would have the potential to collect 33 weeks of total EUC benefits.

New Hampshire Employment Security will be implementing the Tier II EUC program, which is 100% federally funded. Letters will be going out in the mail today to those individuals exhausting Tier I Extended Unemployment Compensation benefits in New Hampshire, explaining the Tier II Extended Unemployment Compensation benefits (EUC) program to eligible individuals and providing direction for applying for this extension of benefits. It is very important that if you have moved since you last filed a claim in NH, that you report any change of address to NH Employment Security by contacting your nearest office.

As this is a new program that needs to be established and modifications need to be made to the current unemployment compensation system, all individuals that wish to file for the extension will have to visit their nearest Employment Security office to complete the green application form. NH Employment Security must determine if you are eligible for a regular unemployment claim in New Hampshire or under any other state or federal unemployment program prior to being eligible for an extension of benefits. If it is determined that regular unemployment insurance possibilities have been exhausted, then a claim for extended benefits can be established. The claim will go through the same verification and adjudication process as regular unemployment insurance claims and you will be given green continued claim forms to file bi-weekly and green work search logs to complete. In addition, claimants must adhere to established unemployment laws and rules that include conducting the required job search and working with Employment Security staff to obtain new employment.

Contact a NH Employment Security office for more information.

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