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Employment Projections by Industry and Occupation

ELMI prepares both long- and short-term projections of employment for nearly 100 industries and more than 700 occupations. Published information includes industry and occupational growth by total new jobs and percent change, occupational categories from "very favorable" to "not favorable", number of openings from growth and replacement needs, and required training needed to begin working in an occupation.

Long-term projections are updated every two years and are based on a ten-year time frame. These projections consider the effect of structural changes in economy such as the emergence of new technologies and changes in business practices. Trends in population, demographics, and income for both New Hampshire and the United States are some of the variables used in preparing the industry projections, which ultimately affect the occupational projections.

Short-term projections are prepared twice a year for a two-year time frame. These projections are directly influenced by business cycle fluctuations and changes in demand for the final product or service produced by a particular industry. Changes in inventory, consumer confidence, and business activity, as represented by average wages and hours in manufacturing, are just some of the factors that can affect industry and occupational employment in the short-term.

Projections can be used by job seekers, guidance counselors, college curriculum planners, and entrepreneurs to focus on growing occupations and help plan for the future.

Employment Projections


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