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US and NH Unemployment Rate, Seasonally Adjusted

Unemployment Rates by State, Seasonally Adjusted

Unemployment Rates for NH Communities

US Consumer Price Index

Building Permits, New England States

Nonagricultural Employment, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Retail Trade Employment, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Manufacturing Employment, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Average Weekly Earnings of Production Workers in Manufacturing, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Average Weekly Hours of Production Workers in Manufacturing, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Initial Claims in New Hampshire

Continued Weeks Claimed in New Hampshire

Annual Average Covered Employment

Covered Employment by Month

Percent Change in Average Covered Employment (Quarterly)

Percent Change in Average Weekly Wage (Quarterly)

Average Weekly Wage in Covered Employment (Quarterly)

Per Capita Personal Income

Median Earnings, Full Time Workers

Population by Age in New Hampshire

Population by Age: Estimated and Projected

Population Under Age 20: Estimated and Projected

Educational Attainment in New Hampshire

Postsecondary Certificates Awarded

Associate’s Degrees Granted

Bachelor’s Degrees Granted

Master’s Degrees Granted

Commuting to Work

House Heating Fuel, Occupied Housing Units

Nativity of New Hampshire Population