New Hampshire Occupational Employment & Wages - May 2016
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Production Occupations

Occupation Occ. code Est. empl. Entry wage Mean wage Median wage Exp. wage
Production Occupations51-000099011.9917.1615.7719.75
First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers51-10117021.0928.3427.1631.96
Team Assemblers51-20928010.6613.5613.2715.01
Printing Press Operators51-5112NP 17.0220.5321.7322.28
Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Workers51-60114010.7813.4913.5214.85
Sewing Machine Operators51-60316010.9513.4012.2114.63
Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers51-90613012.4917.5516.8220.08
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