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There are multiple ways of preparing for your future.
Below are some different types of training, costs, advantages, and disadvantages.

Four-Year College | Two-Year College | Private Career College | Apprenticeship
U.S. Armed Forces | Volunteer or Internship | Minimum Wage Job | Do Nothing

Volunteer or Internship
What Is It?
You work for someone as a way to help others, support the environment, or check out a career field.

You earn little or no money. It may actually cost you money for transportation and lodging.

What You Get
The warm feeling that comes from knowing that what you’re doing is helping others or the environment.

Experience, opportunities, and the chance to do good.

You can get bummed out, depressed, or disillusioned once you realize how tough it is to change the world. Not much money.

The feeling that you’re doing positive work is worth millions, and you may meet amazing people. Plus, it’s a foot in the door, and looks great on college and job applications.


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