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Career Clusters

Career Clusters were designed to help students successfully transition from school to careers by connecting education to the world of work. Pathways within each cluster identify the knowledge and skills needed by students to meet the demands of further education and the expectation of employers. Use the clusters to explore a wide range of career choices, and discover how your educational choices relate to your career goals. What's in the Cluster Tables pdf file


Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
As populations increase and markets globalize, demand for agricultural products as well as concern for the protection of natural resources will provide ample opportunities, more information about Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources


Architecture and Construction
These workers create, build, and keep intact structures like homes, businesses, roads, bridges, mills, refineries, power plants, and airports, as well as the equipment that keep things going, more information about Architecture and Construction


Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications
Flexibility and innovation are commodities in the creative economy. The arts challenge creative talents, inspire creative thinking and an appreciation for diversity, and provide training for an innovation-driven workforce, more information about Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications


Business Management and Administration
This cluster prepares students for careers in planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations, regardless of industry, more information about Business Management and Administration


Education and Training
Education and training careers provide, support, and manage the education and training of learners, from preschool through adult, in formal and informal settings, more information about Education and Training


Financial Services
Workers in financial services careers make strategic decisions to obtain, save, protect, and grow financial assets of individuals and businesses, more information about Financial Services


Government and Public Administration
Virtually every occupation can be found within government, but some activities are unique to government. Government at the Federal, State, and Local levels provide administrative and regulatory services to residents, more information about Government and Public Administration


Health Science
Delivery of health care ranges from small private practice physician and dentist offices to busy hospitals with diverse opportunities, from medevac units to cruise ships, from schools to sports arenas, more information about Health Science


Hospitality and Tourism
Hospitality and tourism is an important industry to New Hampshire. The career opportunities in this field are diverse with varied skill and ability requirements, ranging from executive chef to ticket taker, more information about Hospitality and Tourism

Human Services

Human Services
People in human services care for others by tending to the psychological, social, and physical needs of individuals and families. They work to improve quality of life and promote safe, healthy communities, more information about Human Services

Information Technology

Information Technology
Information technology is a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment that has had a revolutionary impact on the economy and society. IT careers involve designing, developing, supporting, and managing hardware, software, multimedia, and systems integration, more information about Information Technology


Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
Careers in this cluster focus on planning, managing, and providing legal, public safety, protective services and homeland security, including professional and technical support services, more information about Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security


Despite improvements in production technology and rising imports, there is still demand for workers with manufacturing skills, more information about Manufacturing


Marketing, Sales, and Service
The marketing and sales of goods and services is the engine of economic activity, more information about Marketing, Sales, and Service


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers are exciting, challenging, and ever-changing. These workers conduct scientific research and development, apply engineering concepts to solve problems, and perform laboratory and testing services, more information about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
Careers in the transportation, distribution, and logistics cluster are involved in the planning, management, and movement of people, materials, and products, by road, air, rail, and water, more information abou Transportation, Distribution, and Logisticst


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